Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A new logo - courtesy of the talented Alison Crellin

Those of you with Action Man eagle eyes will no doubt have spotted something slightly different about our Twitter and Facebook profiles these last couple of days.

If you haven't noticed anything, can I suggest you get yourself down to Toymaster pretty sharpish and get one of those flicky switches installed in the back of your head.

What are we rattling on about? Why, the new Manx Litfest logo, of course!

A while back, we asked if any IOM-based designers/artists fancied devising a logo or two and submitting them to us, with the plan being we'd choose our favourite to be used in the run-up to next year's festival. Many logos from several designers/artists pinged their way into our inbox and it was a tough choice.

Ultimately, we liked what Ali had done and went back to her with a couple of suggestions - and, hey presto, she dazzled us again with more options. The Manx Litfest team unanimously fell for the one above/right and it will be used to brand literature, the forthcoming website and our social media presence.

It will also form the basis of a range of merchandise - we can't wait to see the logo emblazoned across a T-shirt or adorning a mug etc...

So, our eternal thanks to Ali. She is indeed a woman of many talents - and a busy one at that; an artist, she also teaches an evening class in photography at IOM College, is a part-time library assistant at Henry Bloom Noble Library in Douglas and works full-time at Waterstones.

You can find out more about her on twitter by following @agc_art or by visiting her on Tumblr

 Thanks again, Ali!

Friday, September 9, 2011

We've only gone and landed a sponsor for our website...

As this here internet malarkey is rather important in this day and age, or so we're told, one of the key points we've been focusing on over the last couple of months is a website - what it should look like, what it needs to do, what the public will expect from it. That kind of thing.

So, you won't be at all surprised to hear that we're all just a little bit pumped about the news that we have a sponsor for the Manx Litfest website...

The guys at Isle of Man Advertising & PR have very kindly agreed to look after the design and build of the site and we'll be meeting them next week to get our heads together and brief them on what we're looking for.

Joking aside, it's a fantastic offer of support. When it comes to attracting authors - and, indeed, potential visitors from off-Island - the website is going to be key. It needs to look the part and show folk that we mean business, so we're delighted to have the team at Isle of Man Advertising on board and joining our team of sponsors (whose names and links you can see on the top right of this here page).

We'll keep everyone posted as to how the site is developing and the kind of features we're incorporating. Until then, thanks once again to our latest sponsors - the support really is very much appreciated.