Friday, June 17, 2011

Your favourite... crime fiction

Over on Facebook and Twitter, we've been grilling folk on their favourite books/authors - but doing so genre by genre. First up it was crime fiction, followed by science fiction a couple of nights ago. Keep an eye out for more discussions coming soon.

The feedback for both crime and science fiction was superb - so much so, that rather than lose all the ideas after the threads become old hat, we thought we'd gather the suggestions for each genre on the blog. So first up, crime fiction - here are the books/authors who got under people's skin:

As you can see, a diverse spread of authors and books there. Of those 33 named, I've read work by just nine of them - and I consider myself a crime fiction fan. Just goes to show, there's so much talent out there, it's a tough job keeping up as a reader.

Check out the list, follow the links and hope you find a some new good reads.


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