Saturday, July 14, 2012

A shout-out on Huffington Post - all is right with the world

We're not ones to name-drop.
Oh, who are we trying to kid. Course we are.
A Google alert pinged into our inbox last night to tell us that we'd had a mention on none other than the Huffington Post.
The shout-out came courtesy of children's author Hilary Robinson, who we're delighted to confirm will be joining us at Manx Litfest in September.
If you have a look on her website, you'll see that not only is Hilary a prolific author, she's also a broadcaster, radio producer and feature writer. She's also a patron of the Children's University, which earlier this year opened a branch on the Isle of Man, and in addition to her events within Litfest, we're in talks to arrange an event with IOMCU.
Anyway, Hilary has put together a fine article for the Huffington Post - top tips for writing and selling your book - and gives us a most welcome name drop at the end of the piece, which left us blushing a little.
We'll have details of Hilary's events in due course.

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