Friday, August 31, 2012

Tickets! Schedule! Books! Litfest book bags! Come and see us at The Strand...

If you're in or around Douglas tomorrow (Saturday), please feel free to stop by The Strand, where we'll have a stall - in the usual exhibitor spot in front of the escalator.

The team will be on hand to talk all things Manx Litfest, and we'll have tickets on sale, along with books by some of our Litfest authors. We'll also have the full schedule for you to devour - but if you really can't wait, check it out on our website. We'll also have the positively cool and funky Litfest bags, ideal for carryng a skutch of books over your shoulder.

But it's tickets that you book lovers seem most keen on - which is understandable. Some of our events are on sale on the Villa Gaiety website, but we'll have tickets to all our events with us at The Strand.

What's more, we'll be selling raffle tickets tomorrow, with the top prize being a book by every author/poet appearing at Manx Litfest - you might need to check you've got some spare room on your bookshelf for that little lot - and other prizes of tickets to various events.

Our sincere thanks to John Shakespeare and the team at The Strand for accommodating us tomorrow - come on down, say hello and have a chat. Providing you buy at least one ticket. Okay, that last bit was a joke. You need to buy at least two tickets.

Enjoy your weekend, folks!

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