Thursday, February 24, 2011

Don't be shy now, get stuck in and support us

It's less than a week to go until our application for funding assistance by the IOM Arts Council is considered. We've asked for support for 2011/12, even though the festival is earmarked for the following financial year.

We've been fairly quiet publicly of late, but there's been plenty going on behind the scenes - and there should be regular updates on this blog from here on in. If successful, funding for 2011/12 would go towards publicity, admin costs and research - there are a thousand and one things that need doing.

The next major step will be formalising a committee, after which we'll draw up a list of roles/tasks, and recruiting (unpaid, of course!) for folk interested in helping out. Some of the jobs will require quite a lot of time and commitment, others should be far more straightforwad and not as time comsuming - so there should be something for everyone.

Right, a couple of points to end:

1. Please do get involved with our online presence - following this blog, following on twitter or facebook, or emailing/facebooking/tweeting our links to your own friends and followers. It is a HUGE help in speading the word. And get involved - comment on what we say and link to it (even if you disagree), and ask questions, generate debate. The more the merrier.

2. We're compiling a mailing list for those who want to be kept bang up-to-date with how the Manx Lit Fest develops over the coming year or so. If you want to be included, drop us a line - manxlitfest(at) - with your preferred email, and a postal address should you wish to receive the udpates as hard copies.

Okay, that's enough for now. Tonight we're off to a meeting at the Claremont Hotel, called by an artist from Peel, who I understand wants to discuss ways in which those involved in the arts in the IOM - be they writers, artists, musicians - can work together, explore ideas and discuss potential projects. Sounds fascinating, and ideal for what we're working towards.



  1. Hi John, I'm Shelley, a former UK performance and schools poet. I am now based on the island and have been involved in many projects here. I have much experience and many contacts in the poetry world and am currently working on my childrens books and a schools poetry project. I feel I should support your vision of a Manx litfest and know several poets/writers who would be willing to come over and help kickstart the project (with a bit of nudging). You can reach me on 369166 or email me at Many thanks, Shelley.

  2. Hi Shelley, many thanks for dropping by the blog and offering your support.

    I'll drop you a line soon and catch-up with you.