Saturday, February 26, 2011

Calling artists & designers...

So here we go. As we've mentioned over the last few days on facebook and twitter, we're looking for support from IOM-based artists/designers, or indeed those who are Manx-born but now living elsewhere.

The Manx Lit Fest needs a logo. As fantastic and cool as we can get. As you can probably imagine, we don't have any funding to pay the creative talent behind the winning design hundreds and thousands of pounds. Or any of the cake topping either, for that matter.

So what's in it for you?

First, your design - and, by association, your name - will be linked with the Lit Fest for the next eighteen months or so. We certainly won't be shy in plugging the brilliance behind the chosen logo, that's for sure.

Second, you're sure to feel all warm and fuzzy inside for doing us such a good turn.

Third, you'll have our undying love and gratitude.

Now I realise that you can't take any of the above to the bank. And we're certainly not expecting everyone to drop what they're working on to rush off and design a logo which may or may not be chosen. But if you have a little time spare, or if you're looking for a side project to fill in a gap between jobs, then maybe you can help us out.

If you are interested in designing a logo, drop us a line at manxlitfest(at) and I'll be happy to expand on what I've said here. Or, if you know anyone who you think may want to getting involved, please pass on our details.

In terms of timescale, we'd like to hear from artists/designers by March 15, with potential logos designed and over to us by April 15. Once they are all in, we'll make a decision fairly quickly and the chosen design will be incorporated into publicity and our online presence fairly sharpish.

So, has that snagged your interest? I hope so, but do get in touch if you need me to expand on anything.

We'll also be putting this out to the media, so keep an eye out in the local papers, on radio and online.

Thanks for your time.

John Q


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