Friday, August 2, 2013

A peek behind the curtain...

As of yesterday, there are just eight weeks to go until Manx Litfest 2013 rumbles into action. We've a rather cool line-up of authors and poets taking part, some visiting from across the waters, and others who live on this fair isle.   

Manx Litfest author Matt Haig
We're conscious that we've not been updating this blog anywhere near as often as we ought to be. Slapped wrists for that. Time is a factor, as is the ease of firing snippets of news and info out via social media. But not everyone bothers with Facebook and Twitter.

In order to do a Frankenstein and breathe new live into this blog, we'll be updating on a regular basis (daily, where possible) in the run-up to the festival weekend of September 26-29. We'll use this blog to provide an insight into what goes on behind the scenes as the Litfest committee collectively goes grey from stress and nails are bitten down to the quick.

Today has so far seen a meeting with an IOM-based author regarding potential for launching the print version of his novel during Litfest weekend (it's already out as an e-book), speaking with a potential sponsor (and arranging to meet them tomorrow morning) and developing an idea to give as many Isle of Man authors as possible a platform during this year's festival.

From here on in the planning does get pretty much full on. Plans have developed at a good pace over the last six months, but this is where the screws start to turn and we're conscious of deadlines looming for specific elements of the festival - programme design and sign-off, finalising travel and accommodation for our visiting writers, devising the questions for our Book Fanatics' Quiz Night, making sure there is enough PG Tips teabags at Litfest HQ (seriously, we ran out the other night. You couldn't make this stuff up).

Tonight, it's all about emails. Hundreds of the blighters to send. Well, tens at least. Tune in tomorrow for the latest Litfest shenanigans.

Now, go read a book. Everyone. Yes, that includes you.

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