Saturday, May 17, 2014

The week you've all been waiting for...

One of the most exciting aspects about pulling together a literary festival is watching the list of visiting authors and poets grow, that anticipation and then excitement (and relief...) when another name confirms their involvement.

And that's matched when we get to make those names public - which is what is going to be happening over the next week or so. We've already officially announced Sally Gardner, Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre, and from tomorrow, we will be revealing who is joining them for this year's festival, which runs September 24th-28th.

There are more fantastic names to add to that list, so keep your eyes peeled to the front page of the website and over at our Facebook and Twitter pages.

On the planning front, this coming Tuesday sees out main scheduling meeting - the schedule is the only thing on the agenda, and we drive ourselves insane with a big print out for each day, and a full rainbow of coloured post-it stickers. Much tea is brewed, and many biscuits devoured, during the course of the night. But at the end, the line up of events should be all done and dusted, barring the odd tweak here and there until the programme goes to print in early to mid-July.

First up though, it's the announcements that you've all been waiting for. First one tomorrow, Sunday...


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