Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lit Fest venues - any suggestions?

One of the most important elements for Manx Lit Fest will be the venues we choose for the various events.

From the outset, we've been keen to create something that punters will savour as an 'experience', rather than just another talk in a character-less conference room. If we're going to charge people X number of pounds for an event, then we want to give them something that little bit extra.

Yesterday we were out meeting the team at Tynwald Mills and St John's Mill. They gave us some great words of encouragement, and threw some ideas into the pot for good measure. If you've never had a look around St John's Mill, you're missing out. It's a cracking centre, ideal for events from small groups up to 90-odd, although it can take upwards of 150 in total across the three floors. Great potential as a venue for some elements of the festival, as is Tynwald Mills itself.

Tomorrow (Thursday) we're meeting Manx National Heritage to discuss using the likes of Castle Rushen, Peel Castle and Rushen Abbey as venues. Initial discussion suggests MNH is keen to get involved, and hopefully there will be more to update after tomorrow.
Other possible sites (and these are just ideas at this stage, as we've not met with owners yet) are Greeba Castle, Milntown and the Nunnery.

So what other venues around the Island do you think may lend themselves to the festival? Let us know, and we'll consider them all.



  1. The Old Prison on Victoria Road - a great location for the Crime Thriller fans

  2. Cheers, Ady - interesting suggestion. Certainly would be atmospheric... Guess much will depend on what (if any) movement there is over the next 12 months re use of the site.

  3. try Peel Cathedral- great exhibition area and grounds where tents can be erected. Free Parking and next to main city bus station. Also catering available if you ask the Dean or Val garrett. The cathedral is being completely rewired in Spring 2012 so ready and up to date.
    A great location for families with Peel beach nearby too? Good to have something in the west ?