Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Up and running...

Couple of things to report on:

Our first formal meeting takes place tomorrow night (Weds March 23) and, if the size of the agenda is anything to go by, we should be finished by this time next week. We're going to need plenty of tea bags, that's for sure, not to mention a tonne of biscuits.

There are a few key issues that will take centre stage tomorrow - establishing the committee, looking at extra posts we need to create (and fill) and how best to utilise the growing army of people (that's you kind folk out there) who have offered to get involved and help out in some way.

We need to start draw up a shortlist of potential dates between June and October 2012 for when the festival can be held. And we need to get a bank account opened and the festival up and running as formal organisation.

The need for a bank account leads into our second bit of news. We received confirmation from the Isle of Man Arts Council that it is awarding us a grant for the 2011/12 financial year, to help towards admin costs and publicity materials. We're hugely grateful for this funding, as it gives us a starting platform. However, if we're to do everything that needs to be done over the coming twelve months, then we're going to need more finance.

While this blog suits its purpose, we need to start thinking about creating a festival website. Ideally, we need to visit a festival in the UK to see how it operates, to meet and talk with organisers, punters and authors. And there is a raft of additional expenses that will be incurred during the next year.

So we'll be seeking some corporate sponsorship, not to mention any wealthy individuals who a) love books and b) have a desire to help bring this festival to life. If you are one of these individuals, then please do get in touch. If you know anyone who may fit this description, please pass on our details to them.

So there you have it. During the next couple of weeks we should be set on a formal footing, and begin to plot a steady course towards the first festival taking place in the second half of next year.

These are exciting times - if you're behind what we're planning to do, show your support and, if you can, get involved. As the event draws closer, we'll need more and more assistance.


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