Wednesday, March 16, 2011

We called, you answered...

We asked for potential venues. And, by 'eck, you gave them to us. Some we already had on our list, others we'd not considered. But each and every one of them has some degree of potential.
We'd already spoken with Manx National Heritage regarding its sites and Tynwald Mills/St John's Mill, and received a warm thumbs up for all, subject, of course, to various factors. In terms of heritage sites, we're looking at Castle Rushen, Peel Castle, Rushen Abbey, Manx Museum, Cregneash, Sound Cafe and so on. And later this month we're also meeting the owner of Greeba Castle, the one-time home of the late great Manx novelist, Sir Hall Caine.

So, alongside the likes of bookstores and libraries, where else is in the mix? Here are some suggestions we received - and thanks to Trish for many of these, and Angela and Harry at Bridge Bookshop in Port Erin for several others:
  • Erin Arts Centre
  • Callows Yard
  • Villa Marina
  • King William's College
  • Bradda Glen (being refurbed)
  • Laxey Pavilion
  • Ard Whallin & Eairy Cushlin - supper and ghost stories perhaps?
  • Peel Centenary Centre
  • Noble's Park
  • Snaefell Cafe (being refurbished, apparently)
  • The Old Prison on Victoria Road - 'a great location for crime/thriller fan' (thanks, Ady). Guess it will depend on what happens with the site over the next year or so
  • The Grandstand
  • Home of Rest for Old Horses
  • The refurbed 'Bowl' stadium
  • The old amphitheatre on Douglas Head
  • Various golf courses/clubhouses
  • Sulby Claddaghs
  • Silverdale
  • The Island's fantastic glens
  • Campsites, such as Glen Wyllin
  • A variety of pubs, most of which have function rooms which could be used
  • Restaurants, such as the Garisson, which has a private area upstairs
  • Town halls/civic centres
There are more, of course, and over the next few months we'll consider them all and speak to those involved with the sites to assess their suitability and the practicalities of putting on events.
Thanks again to everyone who gave us input - much appreciated. As I keep saying, we need as much support from you lot out there, the reading public, to make this festival happen.



  1. There are some good venues on that list.
    I haven't been there yet but the Laxey Woking Man's Institute re-opened earlier this year. It is a small venue but I like the look of the building.


  2. Cheers, Seth
    I'm not sure which one the Laxey Working Men's Institute is, but someone else mentioned that too, so definitely worth a look. If it's the building I think it is, I happened to paint it as a teenager... long story!